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ACG Cleaning Service offers services of Residential Cleaning, House Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Move Out - In, Commercial Cleaning, Construction Cleaning, Airbnb Cleaning in Greensboro NC, High Point NC, Lexington NC, Winston Salem NC, Kernersville NC, Burlington NC, Jamestown NC, Salisbury NC, Asheboro NC - Where Cleanliness Meets Excellence!

Commercial Cleaning Services

Elevate Your Workplace: Professional Commercial Cleaning Services. Experience Spotless Efficiency. Book Now!

Lobby Cleaning

Impress from the first moment with our Lobby Cleaning service. Our specialized team is in charge of keeping your lobby impeccable and welcoming. With a thorough and detailed cleaning, we make sure that every corner is perfectly cared for to welcome your visitors with an exceptional first impression. From cleaning floors and furniture to polishing surfaces and paying attention to decorative details, our meticulous approach guarantees outstanding results. Trust us to keep your lobby spotless and create a professional environment that reflects the excellence of your business. With ACG Cleaning Service, your lobby will reflect a professional cleaning service committed to quality. Elevate your company’s image with an impeccable lobby that captivates and attracts your clients.

Restroom Cleaning

Discover excellence in hygiene with our Restroom Cleaning service. Our specialized team is in charge of keeping your restrooms spotless and fresh. We perform deep cleaning and complete disinfection, ensuring maximum hygiene and comfort for your visitors and employees. From cleaning toilets and sinks to restocking supplies, every detail is meticulously attended to. We use high quality cleaning products to eliminate bacteria and odors, creating a healthy and pleasant environment. Trust us to make your restrooms reflect your company’s commitment to cleanliness and the well-being of everyone. With ACG Cleaning Service, your restrooms will be a highlight of satisfaction and comfort for everyone who uses them. Elevate the experience of your visitors and employees with impeccable restrooms and a cleaning service that makes a difference.

Lunch Room Cleaning

Enjoy clean and cozy spaces with our Lunch Room Cleaning service. Our team is in charge of keeping your dining area spotless and ready to be enjoyed. We perform a thorough cleaning of tables, chairs, countertops and appliances, ensuring that every corner is free of dirt and bacteria. In addition, we take care of the proper disposal of trash and debris, maintaining the hygiene and organization of the space. We use safe and effective cleaning products to create a healthy and pleasant environment for everyone. Trust us to maintain a clean and tidy dining room that promotes the well-being and satisfaction of your employees. With ACG Cleaning Service, your dining area will be an oasis of cleanliness and comfort that enhances everyone’s experience. Elevate the quality of work life with an impeccable Lunch Room that promotes the health and happiness of your team.

Common Areas Cleaning

Optimize the appeal of shared spaces with our Common Areas Cleaning service. Our specialized team ensures pristine and inviting environments. From meticulously cleaning reception areas, hallways, and lounges to refreshing communal facilities, we attend to every detail with care. With a focus on hygiene and presentation, we guarantee common areas remain spotless and welcoming for all occupants and visitors. Using high-quality cleaning products, we eliminate germs and maintain a healthy atmosphere. Trust us to enhance the overall ambiance of your property, creating a positive impression that enhances the satisfaction of residents and guests. With ACG Cleaning Service, common areas become a source of pride, promoting a sense of community and elevating the living experience for everyone.

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